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Different Lock Options for Filing Cabinets and SafesOctober 9, 2018

Whether you are trying to secure a little safe in your closet or a section of filing cabinets at your place of work, you need to know that you have a reliable lock option in order to keep your valuables where you left them. Filing cabinets and safes are often overlooked in the locksmithing world but they really shouldn't be. Today, we are going to go over a selection of different lock options for both safes and filing cabinets so that you can secure your possessions in the way that works out best for you. Let's get started!

Lock Options for Safes and Filing Cabinets

If you have a safe or filing cabinet in your home or office, the odds are good that you are using the equipment in order to store something valuable or private that you need to keep secure. As we know by now, security options vary depending on their application and your own specific choices and the same holds true for filing cabinets and safes. Safes and filing cabinets may not look too similar to one another, but there is actually some overlap in the type of locks that you can end up choosing in order to secure them both. Let's highlight the primary lock types that you can choose between in order to keep your possessions safe and secured.

  1. Biometric Locks - Let's start by pointing out one of the best locks that you can employ for your secured safely. Biometric locks are a keyless way to secure your safe by using an alternative type of power that doesn't involve any kind of key. With a biometric lock, you typically press your finger or your hand into a scanner before typing in a special code into the keypad. This two-step process is ideal for high-priority safes and filing cabinets.
  2. Electric Locks - Similar to the Biometric Lock, your electric lock is simply a keypad-only option that works without a physical key. This is ideal if you rotate access to the safe or filing cabinet to different employees as you'll have the ability to revoke access whenever necessary. Electric locks are secure and easy to operate though care should be taken in order to keep them clean and to rotate your code so that you don't wear out the buttons of your combination.
  3. Dial Locks - Dial locks are the simplest way to secure a filing cabinet or safe though they are not the most secured. Dial locks are similar to what you used in school to secure your locker in between classes. Also known as a rotary combination lock, these are affordable locks for less important applications.

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