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Deadbolt Locks Installation That Will Make You Feel Safer at HomeFebruary 28, 2024

deadbolt locks installation


Enhance home security with professional deadbolt locks installation from Altona Locksmiths. Feel safer with our robust solutions. Call (03) 9315 0522 now!

Protecting your home starts with securing entry points. Deadbolt locks add an invaluable layer of defence compared to standard doorknob locks alone. Keep reading to learn how different types of deadbolts work and why professional installation is key.

A deadbolt is a heavy-duty cylindrical lock activated by a twist knob or key. The bolt slides out from the lock body and is inserted into the door frame for maximum stability. When engaged, the bolt resists forceful impacts and prying attempts. Deadbolts are considered one of the strongest lock types available.

Different Types of Deadbolts

Home security is a paramount concern for homeowners, and understanding the distinctions among the types of deadbolt locks is essential for homeowners seeking optimal security solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Here are the different types of deadbolts:

• Single Cylinder Deadbolt - This common style features a locking thumb-turn knob on the interior side and a keyhole on the exterior. The bolt can be operated from inside without a key. Single-cylinder locks allow quick egress in an emergency.

• Double Cylinder Deadbolt - Double cylinder deadbolts require a key turn on the interior and exterior sides for enhanced security. There is no interior turn knob. This prevents unlocking from inside if an intruder gains internal access.

• Smart Deadbolts - New digital smart deadbolts offer convenience features through a smartphone app and WiFi connection. Lock and unlock from anywhere and grant virtual keys to guests remotely. Some feature built-in alarms when tampered with.

How Deadbolts Effectively Deter Break-ins

Deadbolts provide exceptionally strong resistance against forced entry attempts thanks to their robust, tamper-resistant design. When engaged, the heavy bolt inserts into a deep receptacle in the door frame, creating a formidable barrier. The deadbolt withstands impacts, kicking, ramming, prying, and other blunt force attacks much more effectively than standard doorknob locks.

Deadbolts also incorporate sheer line placement and precision internal mechanisms to deter lock picking. The flush installation of a deadbolt within the door also foils prying efforts since there is limited surface area to gain leverage, unlike protruding standard locks. Smart features in newer electronic deadbolts add further protection by triggering alarms when tampering is detected. Installing high-quality deadbolt locks is a must for homes and businesses prioritising impenetrable security.

Say goodbye to subpar security and trust our professionals at Altona Locksmiths to deliver exceptional deadbolt installations. As a leading provider, we offer an extensive selection of robust deadbolt options, catering to the unique needs of both homeowners and business proprietors. Our commitment to ensuring your peace of mind extends beyond mere security - it's about providing you with tailored solutions that stand the test of time. Reach out to us today for a free quote and explore our affordable locksmith services in Altona.

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