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Car Ignition Switch Issues: Why Do You Need a Professional Locksmith?February 21, 2020

The mechanism behind the driving action of a vehicle is not possible without starting the ignition switch system. To make the car ignition switch functional, a proper key must be inserted first. Some newer cars, however, rely on a keyless system to activate the car ignition switch.

Since one of the most-used components of the car is the ignition switch, then you may expect some issues with it alongside its key in the long run. Here are some common issues that are prominent with the two components.

Ignition Switch Fails to Turn

Even if you have inserted the key, there will be instances where your ignition switch won’t start. If this happens to you, you can try to jiggle the steering wheel back and forth. Your steering wheel may have locked the ability to start the ignition switch since one of your front wheels is turned at an angle against a curb. However, if you find it difficult to turn your binding switch in either direction, then you must apply a non-conductive lubricant to your ignition switch. 

Key Fails to Come Out

There will be times where you cannot remove the key out of your ignition switch. With this problem, you can try to jiggle the steering wheel back and forth until you feel a click into a locked position. Once you feel this click, you can now remove the key from the switch. If you still can’t remove the key, then the damage may come from the column locking mechanism. 

Broken Key inside the Ignition Switch

This kind of problem will certainly require a professional locksmith. Removing the key personally is not recommended since some parts of the ignition switch may get damaged along the removal process. Once a professional locksmith has removed the broken key, you can now use your spare key if you have one. Otherwise, you can have your old key duplicated by a locksmith. If everything fails, your only choice is to purchase a new set of lock cylinders and keys. 

Worn Out Wafers

An ignition switch is composed of a set of wafers that can only respond to the right key. After a long time of use, these wafers may be worn out and jammed with dirt and other particles, which can cause an ignition switch to malfunction. If it is still possible, a simple cleaning or individual wafer replacement is enough to solve this kind of problem.

Worn Out Key

Just like your wafers, your key can also wear out due to repetitive use. The material of your key can chip off gradually every time you insert it on the ignition switch of your car. Once your key has worn out, your ignition switch cannot recognise your key anymore, preventing you from starting the car. If you have a spare key, then you can use it as a replacement for your long-used key. If you don’t have a spare key, you must contact a professional locksmith to create a key out of your key code from the owner’s manual.

Failing Transponder Key

If your key security or malfunction light indicator is lit, it only means that your car’s computer no longer work anymore. Its program may have also been lost. To fix this problem, a professional locksmith must either reprogram or recreate your existing key. 

Defective Manufacturer Components

Ignition switches can also straight out fail if their parts are defective right from the start. Some defective parts are caused by the manufacturer themselves, which makes them solely accountable for everything faulty about your vehicle. If your vehicle is still under warranty, then you can call your vehicle’s manufacturer so that they can schedule their repair. You can also enquire with experienced locksmiths so that they can assess and fix the problem.

Any car ignition switch issues that constantly plaguing car owners are readily solved by professional locksmiths. To know more about how a car ignition switch works, you can contact us now at Altona Locksmiths so that we can give you more information about it.

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