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Car Doors that Won't Unlock: Call Professional Locksmiths for Immediate SolutionsJanuary 20, 2020

In one seemingly normal day, you went out and drove to a grocery store to get all the ingredients needed for the food that you will be cooking later. As soon as you finish paying, you then went to the parking lot where your car is situated. However, you are confused as to why your car won’t unlock anymore.

This kind of situation can happen to anyone. No matter what type of keys you possess, there will be a possibility that you won’t get your car unlocked due to various factors. As early as now, you must know the following reasons behind locked cars so that you will know how to respond when this kind of situation occurs.

Damaged Car Keys

One of the most common causes of locked cars comes from the car key itself. Our repetitive use of our car keys can make us ignore its signs of wear and tear. Damaged car keys can be a common occurrence with older cars since the door locks or ignition are used frequently for a very long time. If you constantly jam your door lock or ignition with your car key, then your key may have acquired damaged teeth. When this happens, your key won’t fit the lock chamber anymore, preventing your car from opening.

Worn Out Car Key Chamber

If your car key is still intact, then the problem may come from your car key chamber. While a car key is meant to be inserted in the key chamber, some key chambers may experience wear and tear more easily than others. Your key chamber may have also been damaged due to a failed robbery attempt of thieves. Some of them use tools that can pick your lock chamber. Forced picking of your lock can cause damage to the pins found on your key chamber, making your key unable to unlock your car door.

Jammed Door Latch

With repetitive use of your car door, your door latch can get stuck and locked out because of the rusted and bent parts. One quick solution to this problem is to use other car doors, but doing this won’t be convenient in the long run. 

Malfunctioned Car Door Deadlock

Cars have deadlock systems to ensure safety, most especially if you have children who may accidentally open the car door while driving at a high speed. Deadlock systems are also meant to protect your car from criminals who want to enter and steal your car. However, deadlock systems can malfunction sometimes, which can be very difficult for some to override. So, if you suspect that your car key, key chamber, and door latch are all functioning well, then your deadlock system may be behaving erratically. 

Trying to unlock your car door may take some time most especially if you are in a hurry. If this situation happens, you can always contact us at Altona Locksmiths. We can provide a quick solution to all car key door problems to any brand of cars.

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