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Can Transponder Car Keys be Duplicated?September 26, 2018

Typically, one of the most important purchases in our lives will be that of our automobile. With that being said, we know that we have to do everything possible in order to protect our investment. Not only do we always lock our car doors, but we make sure to even use a car transponder key for added security. A transponder car key is a specialised key that is almost impossible to duplicate. When your car is not started by a key with a transponder in it, the engine will not turn over and the vehicle will not roar to life. Knowing all of this information, let's look at two topics: the benefits of a transponder car key and whether or not these keys can be duplicated.

Transponder Car Keys - Benefits & Duplication Process

Transponder car keys are specifically created in order to make key duplication almost entirely impossible. The reason is simple: with a transponder key, you can completely protect your vehicle from a duplicated key made by someone for nefarious reasons. Pretty great, right? Unfortunately, at some point in time, your transponder key will get lost or broken and then you'll be left without a vehicle that can start. What do you do here?

  1. Can I Duplicate My Transponder Key? - The crux of our question is this, can your transponder key be duplicated? The short answer is yes, kind of. With a professional locksmith on your side, you can get your transponder key especially duplicated. What you need is a blank transponder key that has not been programmed. From there, your professional locksmith can use the same kind of machine as your dealership in order to duplicate the key. The end result is that you get a perfect copy of your transponder key without any kind of a headache.
  2. What Are The Benefits Of A Transponder Key? - Perhaps this is the more important question to answer between the two that we posed above. A transponder key is likely something you've never paid two seconds of attention to but have always had in your pocket. Your transponder key comes with your car and it is traditionally used to send a radio signal from your key to your transmission. This allows you to rest easy knowing that your car won't get started by any salacious duplicates. A transponder key can help to keep your car secure while also preventing the likelihood of anyone trying to break in, to begin with.

As you can see, the difference between having a duplicate transponder key and no key at all is a quality locksmith. Call Altona Locksmiths today for all of your lock and key needs.

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