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Broken Car Key Extraction: Why Call a Professional Locksmith?March 21, 2019

Your alarm clock goes off late and you are out of the door with precious little time to spare. You turn your car key in the ignition and snap, the key breaks in half. You obviously aren't going to make it to work on time, but you also have a more glaring issue to deal with. How do you get this car key extracted from your ignition? Is this a job that you can do yourself? Today, we are going to explain why you need a professional locksmith on hand when a broken car key needs to be extracted. Let's begin!

Broken Car Key Extraction - Call the Pros

A broken car key can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. After all, you can't simply pull the key out on your own. With the key broken and stuck in the ignition, your car has also been rendered unusable. While your first instinct might have you trying to figure out how to pull the fragment out yourself, you might want to hold off. Why should you call a professional locksmith in order to handle the issue? We're glad that you asked.

1) Ruining Your Ignition - If you attempt to pull the broken car key fragment from the ignition, you run the risk of making the problem fundamentally worse. If you mess up the extraction, this could lead to your entire ignition needing to be replaced. If you call on a professional locksmith in order to perform the extraction, you will have a better chance of getting a clean extraction.

2) Breaking Your Lock - What if your car key broke off inside of your car's door? Does this mean that your locking mechanism is fundamentally busted? If you extract the key incorrectly, that could end up being the case. Rather than forcing the extraction yourself, let a professional locksmith handle the task. A professional locksmith will be able to take the key out without creating any further damage on your door.

3) Quick & Easy - While you might wrestle with your key extraction for hours, a professional locksmith can get the job done in under half of an hour. Most car key extractions are relatively straightforward, provided you know what you are doing and have the proper equipment. A professional locksmith can be there in a moment's notice in order to get you back on the road and to work before your boss knows you are missing.

The next time you have problems with your keys, make sure you have Altona Locksmiths on speed-dial. Our team of professional locksmiths is always here to help.

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