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Benefits of Grand Master Key System for Commercial Business Privacy and SecurityFebruary 7, 2020

Business owners consider a lot of factors to keep their business running smoothly. Two of these factors are privacy and security. To make a business successful, business owners must find ways to protect their business plans as well as all the resources that they have. These resources include their properties, employees, and all the things that they have inside their buildings. 

Out of all the aspects that every business owner owns, a building is most likely believed to be the most vulnerable one. And since buildings are vulnerable to attacks, a business owner must find ways to protect them. One way to protect their property is through different high-grade locks. But how can a business owner protect his or her property if it has a different set of locks?

Grand Master Key System is the Key

One effective way to access all the locks of a building is through the grand master key. A grand master key system is the most top-level of the master key system that enables business owners to have access to all the areas of his or her building. This type of system provides a business owner access to different master key systems and their change keys.

A grand master key system uses a pin-and-tumbler design that can unlock different types of keys. The unlocking power of this key system is possible since a series of small pins with various length lines the slot where you place the key. Without any key inside the lock, the bottom pins are completely located inside the plug, while the uppers pins are halfway in both the plug and the housing. Only the correct key can move the pins into the correct position to unlock the doors.

With a master key, a third pin is inserted that can separate some of the rows of the pins. This additional pin enhances the way the locks are opened.

Benefits of Grand Master Key System

Owning a grand master key can solve your long-time problem with privacy and security. In fact, here are some benefits of the grand master key system that can help you with your commercial business.

  • Enhanced Security:Since you are the business owner, you have the power and right to pinpoint all the areas that are either restricted or unrestricted to your employees. This way, you don’t have to worry about employees who may accidentally go to an area where important documents are stored or official meetings are conducted since they don’t have the right key to these areas.
  • Added Efficiency:Employees still have the luxury to go to the areas that they need to access. With a grand master key system, all of you don’t have to disturb each other every time your employees want to go in on these unrestricted areas. Thus, promoting your workplace productivity at the highest possible level.
  • Improved Convenience: A single grand master key can be convenient for you since you have full access to every room your commercial building has. Moreover, in case of emergencies, you can unlock all the doors easily without the need to look for the specific key of each door. Your key does not only bring you convenience, but it can also save lives.
  • Maximised Control:Depending on your decisions, you can keep your master key only to yourself. You can also duplicate it and give it to your trusted employee or high executive members. As long as you have the original master key, you will have the full authority over it, which means that your permission is required before the key is duplicated.

A grand master key is essential if you want to maximise privacy and security in your commercial business. Without it, you will find it difficult to control the access of each room in your building. If you want to know more about the grand master key system, you are free to contact us at Altona Locksmiths.

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