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Automotive Locksmithing: Practical Things to Do in Case of a Car LockoutJune 22, 2021

Cars today are already equipped with features that would make them safe and secure from thieves and other similar types of people. They now have lock mechanisms that solely allow car owners the needed access. Even the keys used for these locks are optimised for the convenience of the car owners.

But the enhanced features of cars can also cause some difficulties to the car owners themselves, especially if their keys are involved. Some car owners may suddenly get locked out of their cars due to faulty lock mechanisms. They can also be locked out of their cars due to lost or damaged keys. Ultimately, they can be locked out of their cars once they forgot to bring their car keys with them.

If you are suddenly locked out of your car due to any of the previously stated reasons, then here are some practical things that you should do.

Double-Check Everything

If you cannot get inside your car through the driver side, then there might be a chance that some of your doors can still be opened. Before calling for any help, you must first double-check if the doors are truly locked. You can also assess if your trunk is locked out as well. Having these parts locked properly can be a good thing for your car’s security. However, it may also mean that you need to do some more actions.

Gain Access to Spare Key

A lot of car owners tend to have their keys duplicated by a reputable locksmith company. If you have a spare key, then you must find it right away. You may want to ask any of your family members to bring your spare key if ever it is at your home. Alternatively, a trusted colleague can help you find the spare key that you may have left in your workplace. 

A spare key, however, can also be obtained from your car dealer. In this case, you may want to call your dealer and negotiate on how you can get access to the said key.

Call for Professional Help

The presence of a spare key can surely help you gain access to your car. However, if you cannot gain access to a spare key, then you must call for professional help. You may want to contact your car insurance company so they can provide you with roadside assistance. This assistance may prompt them to send either a locksmith company or a towing company to resolve the lockout issue.

And speaking of a locksmith company, you can reach out to your trusted locksmith company so they can send some professionals who can unlock your car for you. They may likewise offer you services that would improve your car safety and security. One of these services is the integration of the transponder key and its components into your car.

If you need help in enhancing the security and safety of your car lock, just give us a call at Altona Locksmiths. Our qualified locksmiths pride themselves in ensuring your requirements are met from the commencement to completion of your needed services.

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