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Automotive Locksmith Services: What Is Involved in Rekeying of Barrels?June 22, 2023

Rekeying of barrels is replacing the key that activates a lock without replacing the complete lock. It is a typical process for automotive,homeowners, property managers, and landlords who need to replace the keys to their locks for security or because a key has been lost or stolen.

The following stages are involved in the process of rekeying of barrel:

Remove and Take Apart the Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is the portion of the lock that contains the key. It is commonly seen on the door handle or lock. To rekey the barrel, take the cylinder out of the lock.When you've removed the cylinder, you'll need to disassemble it. This entails removing the lock mechanism's pins, springs, and other components.

Change The Pins

The next step is replacing the old pins with new ones corresponding to the new key. Each pin varies in size and corresponds to a particular groove on the key. You may assure that only the new key can operate the lock by replacing the pins with ones that match the new key.

Reassemble The Lock Cylinder

After replacing the pins, the lock cylinder must be reassembled. This entails reinstalling the pins, springs, and other components into the cylinder in the proper order.

Test The Lock and Replace the Cylinder

After reassembling the lock cylinder, test it to ensure the new key activates it properly.The final step is to reinstall and test the lock cylinder to ensure everything is operating properly.

Advantages of Rekeying of Barrels

Rekeying of barrels is a significant service by locksmiths that is important in preserving a property's security. These are some of the reasons why barrel rekeying is vital in locksmith service:

Enhanced Security

Rekeying barrels allows the locksmith to change the lock's key, guaranteeing that only authorised personnel can access the property. This can assist in improving a property's security by preventing illegal access.


Rekeying barrels is frequently less expensive than replacing the complete lock. It is a straightforward and efficient operation that can be completed quickly, allowing the locksmith to supply their clients with a cost-effective option.


Rekeying barrels is a service that allows property owners to change the keys for their locks without replacing the complete lock. This is especially useful for property managers or landlords who must replace keys for various locks.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Rekeying barrels is necessary when keys are lost or stolen. Instead of replacing the complete lock, rekeying allows the locksmith to alter the lock's key, giving the property a new degree of protection.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that their property is safe and only authorised persons have access can offer property owners peace of mind. This is especially significant for homeowners who have recently moved into a new house or whose renters have gone out.

Generally, rekeying barrels is a simple operation that can be performed by a locksmith or someone with locksmithing skills. It is a cost-effective method of changing a lock's keys without replacing the complete lock.In conclusion, rekeying barrels is an important service provided by locksmiths that helps to enhance the security of a property, provide cost-effective solutions, and offer peace of mind to property owners.

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