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Apartment Security: Why Additional Locks Become Beneficial to Renters?May 15, 2019

Renting an apartment can be a great way to find a place to live without tying yourself down for too long. Unfortunately, when you live in someone else's building, you have to take security into your own hands. When you moved into your apartment, what did you do to enhance your own home security? Probably nothing, right? Today, we are going to outline the benefits that can be derived from installing additional locks in your apartment.

Installing Additional Locks in Your Apartment

When moving into your apartment, the first thing you need to do is take stock of your active security measures. Your apartment is likely equipped with a doorknob lock, but there are likely few other security features. The lock that came with your apartment may seem effective, but there are some glaring flaws. For starters, who knows how many keys are floating around in the world that match your lock? You are trusting your landlord at their word that the prior tenets returned all key copies. This line of thought can lead you to feel insecure in your own home. This is where an additional set of locks can come in handy.

1) Enhanced Security Benefits - While your door lock may seem effective, it really isn't. In order to find some peace of mind, you'd be better served installing an additional lock. When you install a new deadbolt or smart lock, you are adding a layer of security to your home. Not only will your original lock still work, but you'll have a backup just in case.

2) Improving on Old Security - Installing additional locks can benefit people who are renting older units. Older apartments are likely to be equipped with outdated security measures. While a lock rarely will 'go bad', it can definitely become obsolete. There are a variety of amazing new security options that you can embrace in your apartment through the assistance of a professional locksmith.

3) Embracing Redundancy - Finally, adding additional locks to your apartment can be a great way to embrace redundancy. Redundancy is all about doubling down on a concept in order to ensure the effectiveness of said concept. If one lock can secure your door, then two locks will absolutely benefit you.

Apartments are frequently targeted by scammers and lawbreakers. Many criminals will view apartments as an 'easy target' to try and steal from. Take your security into your own hands by considering adding additional locks to your apartment. If you still don't want to install a new lock, at least consider rekeying your old locks! Make sure that you stay in communication with your landlord so as not to violate any potential lease agreements.

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