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A Brief Comparison between Residential and Commercial Door LocksMarch 8, 2022

There are many ways in how buildings can remain safe and secure. For one, property owners can have some professionals install modern security systems. They can also install outdoor lighting for added illumination. Even landscaping elements can be added to provide an effective barrier against intruders.

But one primary way of ensuring the safety and security of properties is to install quality door locks. Door locks have been very useful against burglary and break-in attempts for a very long time. They can also prevent unauthorised people from entering easily. Hence, property owners normally prioritise the installation or replacement of door locks when moving into a new property. One misconception, however, that a lot of property knows about locks is that all of them are designed similarly.

You see, the whole composition of door locks normally depends on their primary purpose. If they will be installed in a home property, locksmiths would opt for locks that can work well with families. Locksmiths, alternatively, would go for special types of locks when installing them in offices and retail stores.

Residential Door Locks

Residential door locks for external doors are meant to provide families ample protection against burglars and intruders. Hence, they are often filled with durable components that will prevent them from breaking easily. And to make sure that they can last for a long time, they are often made from stainless steel, which can resist corrosion and weather elements like heat and moisture.

Not all residential door locks, however, are made similarly. Some doors inside a home property do not demand a high level of durability and security. Others might not even be used regularly. Therefore, locksmiths would use regular door locks when securing certain internal doors of the property.

The locksmith services that are involved with residential locks differ from commercial ones. Residential locksmith services primarily focus on installing new locks, cutting keys, repairing weary locks, and helping customers. These services might be more minimal than their commercial counterpart, but locksmiths still ensure that the whole property will remain safe and secure.

Commercial Door Locks

Commercial door locks, alternatively, require more stringent qualities compared to residential door locks since a lot of people use them every day. Given the number of people inside commercial buildings, the chance of the door locks getting deteriorated will be higher compared to the residential locks. This fact is the main reason why commercial building owners should not cheap out their door locks.

Some commercial building owners opt for residential locks given that they are cheaper. They likewise go for these locks as they believe that they function similarly. They might function similarly, but the possibility of losing valuable items inside a commercial building is significantly high.

Hence, commercial door locks that are provided by locksmiths follow specific lock systems. Some of the most common lock systems in commercial buildings are Maison key system, master key system, and grandmaster key system. Locksmiths also install different types of locks to various areas like safes, security gates, and file cabinets.

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