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5 Ways on How Thieves Can Easily Enter Your HomeApril 30, 2021

Homeowners always want to make sure that their families will be safe and secure from any harm. Therefore, they typically incorporate elements that can maintain the safety, security, and even the privacy of their properties. One of the causes of harm that they want to avoid is burglary.

Instances of burglary do not happen every day. However, once thieves have entered a property, they can easily take a lot of important assets and personal belongings in just one go. Worse, they may even cause some harm to home occupants just to ensure that they can take everything. The mere fact that they have successfully entered a home may only mean that the property has vulnerable and compromised areas.

There are areas in your home that can be easily entered by thieves. Some of these areas are as follows:

Front Door

One area where most cases of burglary occur is the front door. Most locksmith professionals recommend the integration of highly secure locks on the front door. However, thieves can also be smart in finding out the weakness of the said door and its integrated lock systems. Some of them can locate your spare key that can conveniently open the front door. Others, alternatively, will just kick in the door and remove its hinges. Improving the security and durability of your front door can prevent them from accessing it easily.

Secondary Door

If the thieves fail to break in through the front door, they will normally find a secondary door for them to enter. Secondary doors are doors that can be found in the garage, backyard, and other places that are not truly exposed to the neighbourhood. Entering through these doors can be easier since most security systems are poured into the front door. Hence, you must install quality locks on these doors.


Another area in your home property that can be accessed by thieves is the windows. Even with highly secured doors, thieves can still access your home through the windows since their glass parts can be fragile with enough force. Leaving them unlatched can also grant thieves an opportunity to break into your property. And if your vegetation is already tall, then they can effectively give a cover to thieves who will be attempting to enter your home through the windows.

Tall Trees

And speaking of vegetation, if you have tall climbable trees near your property, then your home can be vulnerable to theft and burglary. Rooms on the higher level of a property typically have unlocked doors and windows. With the presence of trees, thieves can use them to climb and enter the higher level or story of your home. Other climbable objects can also be used as a path towards your home. Hence, you must be cautious about the existence of any exterior climbable elements. 


Fences are meant to be the first line of defence of most properties. However, they can be easily climbed by thieves if there is no additional protection around them. The absence of any features that could alert you and other family members if ever some people are lurking around the property can be a huge problem along the way.

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