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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Locks Right AwayJuly 23, 2021

One aspect of office spaces that must be maintained all the time is security. With tons of crucial processes conducted inside these spaces, their premises must be safe from intruders. The entry of people who are not working in these spaces must also be prevented throughout their operations.

And to ensure that office spaces can remain safe and secure, they must be equipped with quality locks. Security locks are one of the few security measures that must be present inside the office spaces to sustain their security and safety. Privacy is likewise enhanced with the integration of reliable locks. But similar to the fast pace of office works, several conditions around and inside the office spaces can still affect the effectiveness of the locks. At some point, some of these locks should be changed right away.

Fortunately, there are signs that can help you confirm the need to change your office locks. Some of these signs are as follows:

  1. Recent Burglary Incident

If your office has been recently accessed by burglars or intruders, then you need to replace your office locks right away. The fact that burglars have entered your office spaces and their accompanying premises only mean that your existing security systems are not effective enough. Your locks may have already some issues that are not checked for a while now. Replacing them can boost your security again.

  1. Issues with Lock Access

Another sign that tells you to change your office locks is if your door cannot be locked or unlocked swiftly. Even with the right keys, locks that are already damaged or corroded can be truly difficult to access without any delays. Failure to have them replaced and changed immediately might only lead to more difficulties in terms of accessing or leaving key areas of the office.

  1. Misplaced or Lost Keys

Some employees are granted the right to use keys for accessing certain parts of the offices. If they, however, misplaced or lost the keys, then it could make your property vulnerable to security threats. The threat can even be more complicated if the misplaced or lost keys fall into the wrong hands. Replacing the locks right away can prevent security issues from happening.

  1. Terminated Employees

There will be several employees who might need to be terminated due to different reasons. And if some of them were recently laid off, then you must find the time to replace and change your locks right away. Even though they would just leave peacefully, it would still be more practical and safer for your office space to have new locks just to prevent any unauthorised entry from former employees.

  1. Outmoded Office Locks

If your locks have been around for a very long time, then you must change them with new ones as soon as possible. The old locks of your office may be capable of sustaining the security of your place, but their components might be easily destroyed by intruders and other people. Even employees might suddenly damage them while trying to unlock them. Changing them with new ones can sustain your office security.

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