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4 Signs Your Property Door Locks Have Been Tampered WithJanuary 28, 2022

The door locks of your property are designed to maintain its privacy, safety, and security. Working alongside other security solutions, the door locks must be made from durable and functional components.

While door locks work as your first line of defence against intruders and other unauthorised people, they might still be compromised due to various burglary attempts. And since these people often find ways to unlock doors, they might be able to successfully open them after numerous attempts, which can pose major security risks to you and other occupants or people inside your property.

Fortunately, door locks that have been tampered with can be easily spotted. If your property door locks have the following signs, then they may have been tampered with by burglars and intruders.

  1. Deep Cuts and Scratches

One sign of compromised door locks is the existence of deep cuts and scratches. You see, your door locks may obtain some wear and tear due to their repeated usage. However, if some mysterious deep cuts and scratches are found near the edges of your locks, then you may want to consult with a reliable locksmith and have them replaced. The existence of deep cuts and scratches around your door locks may mean that some people have attempted to pick your locks with sharp picks and screwdrivers. 

  1. Lock Hardware Damages

Another sign of compromised door locks is the presence of lock hardware damages. As mentioned earlier, locks can obtain some damages as they are being utilised by you and other people on your property. However, if your locks suddenly acquire damages that are not present before, then some intruders or burglars may have attempted to get inside your property. Some lock hardware damages that they may cause include pry marks on the door jams, holes in the locks or doors, and bent door handles.

  1. Odd Behaviour of Locks

If the locks are unlocked, their usual behaviour would be to turn smoothly whenever they are opened. However, if the key turns are somehow odd or bizarre, then they may have been tampered with by burglars or intruders by an improvised key. Burglars or intruders would often maximise an improvised key to fit within the locks before striking it with a blunt object. This particular action forces the tumblers of the locks to be released. Once they are successful, they can easily gain unauthorised access to the property.

  1. No Signs of Forced Entry

Your property door locks may not possess any signs of forced entry, but if your instinct tells you that someone has attempted to unlock your doors, then you may consult with a professional locksmith right away. Locks with no signs of forced entry may sometimes pose more danger to your property since the intruder or burglar knows what they are doing. Coordinating with a professional locksmith, fortunately, can help you obtain newer and more secure locks.

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