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4 Possible Reasons Your Car Key Gets Stuck in Your Vehicle's IgnitionMarch 29, 2022

Car owners use keys to start their vehicle as well as open their trunk, glove box, and other parts. As for starting the cars, car owners would insert their key into the ignition cylinder. The tumblers in the ignition are then pushed into a precise pattern so that the key will rotate and close the ignition circuit. The ignition circuit subsequently transmits power to the starter motor so that the engine can finally operate. 

As a car owner, you already know how your car key works. However, if your car key suddenly gets stuck in your vehicle’s ignition, you may not be able to lock the car doors and turn off the engine. The causes of this issue may vary from one car to another, but here are some of the most common reasons behind it.

  1. Presence of Debris

Many people use their keys when opening boxes and packages as they can tear through the tape and other packaging materials in just a few seconds. However, doing this can cause some pieces of the tape and other packaging materials to latch and stick to the car key. The debris will then prevent the car keys from being removed from the ignition as they cannot engage the pins of the cylinder. When opening some packages, you may want to use some cutting tools instead of your car keys.

  1. Wrong Gear Setting

When driving a car with an automatic transmission, the only way for you to remove your car key from the ignition cylinder is to set the gear of the transmission to “Park.” If your gear is set to neutral, drive, or others, then you will certainly not be able to get your car key. As for a car with a manual transmission, you can only remove your key from the ignition if the gear shifter is at “Neutral.” Without following these gear settings, you will certainly have difficulties in removing your key from the ignition.

  1. Damaged Car Key

Another possible reason why you cannot remove the car key from your ignition is that your key has already attained some damages. Car keys are often made from durable materials. But with repetitive use, they can attain cracks, fissures, and other impurities that could affect their functionality. Once your car has this type of damage, then you must replace it right away. If not, then expect your car key to get stuck on your ignition cylinder anytime soon.

  1. Deteriorated Ignition

If your car key is still undamaged and free from any debris, then the problem might lie in your ignition cylinder. Just like other car components, the ignition cylinder of your car may have already deteriorated due to regular use. The spring-loaded pins of your ignition cylinder might be misaligned already. And without any urgent repairs, these pins will ultimately prevent your car key from being removed. These pins might even prevent you from inserting the car key and starting the engine.

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