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4 Main Factors that Affect the Cost of Rekeying the LocksAugust 9, 2021

Locks have tons of security features that make them great for properties. For one, they are designed to open right after accessing them with the right keys. They can likewise be locked, ensuring the safety and security of all people staying inside the premises. Their reinforced and strengthened components also prevent intruders from unlocking them right away.

But despite having security features, many of these locks must still be changed to further protect the properties from potential dangers and issues. One way of changing the locks is through rekeying.

Rekeying of locks is done by modifying the mechanisms of the locks instead of changing the whole locks. Once rekeyed, the locks will no longer be accessed by the old keys. And as their name implies, rekeyed locks can only be opened by new keys. Generally, rekeying the locks is more affordable than lock replacements. However, the following factors can still affect the overall costs of lock rekeying.

  1. Quantity of Locks

As previously stated, rekeying locks can help change their mechanisms, preventing old keys from opening them. So, to effectively enhance the security of your property, it would be best for you to have all your locks rekeyed. Since the number of locks inside your property can be abundant, then you must expect an increase in your overall costs of rekeying services. Keep in mind, however, that the costs of the rekeying services can further increase as more factors are included.

  1. Lock Complexity

Aside from the overall quantity of your locks, the costs of rekeying can further be affected by your locks’ included mechanisms. Some locks may have standard components, which makes it easier for locksmith professionals to work with. Other locks, alternatively, have complicated components that would take much longer to rekey. The complexity of locks, therefore, can certainly affect your anticipated service charges.

  1. Variation of Locks

Somehow related to lock complexity, the variation of your locks can likewise affect the cost of rekeying them. The doors of your property serve different purposes. Remember, however, that the more important the doors are, the more complex their locks will be. For one, your external doors are meant to deter intruders from property access. Additionally, your internal doors are designed to separate rooms among occupants. Other doors might even be installed for storage purposes. Given the variation of your locks, you must expect significant changes in your lock rekeying costs as the locksmithing services go on.

  1. Included Services

One last factor that can affect the cost of rekeying locks is the services offered by the locksmiths. Rekeying locks can be complicated. Without experience and knowledge about this process, the locks may easily get damaged, which would only incur more expenses. Locksmith services are already worthy of reasonable costs, ensuring that they can still offer excellent services to customers in the long run.

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