When Your Keyless Entry Suddenly Stopped Working

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When Your Keyless Entry Suddenly Stopped WorkingNovember 8, 2016

Today’s cars and trucks utilise the latest technologies to increase vehicle performance, personal comfort, and security. One such technology that is becoming a standard feature with new vehicles is the keyless entry lock. Gone are the days of fumbling in the dark to find your car keys, and then trying to stick the key into the door lock to open it, now, you only need to press a button to unlock and lock the doors of your vehicle. It’s that easy.

However, when the keyless entry system ceases to function properly, gaining entrance to your vehicle becomes nearly impossible without technical help. This may happen because the key is not producing the radio wave signals needed to unlock the door’s lock mechanism, or the key’s memory chip has malfunctioned. Because keyless entry is an advanced security locking system, when something does go wrong, it needs sophisticated repairs by professional locksmiths specialising in automotive locks.

Although the keyless entry is a reliable and highly effective locking system, there are times when a part of the system becomes damaged, or simply malfunctions over time with excessive use. So, what is someone to do when that happens?

What to do When Your Keyless Entry Suddenly Stops Working

If you can’t gain entrance to your automobile because your keyless entry isn’t working, it is advised to try and determine the cause of the failure, before contacting a professional locksmith to come out and assist you. To do that, first check the battery of the remote key, and replace it, it just may be as easy a fix as that?

If you’ve replaced the battery and still cannot enter your vehicle, then locate the backup remote key that your vehicle came with, and then see if that works? If you have either lost the backup key, or it does not work to open the door of your vehicle, then you will need an auto locksmith to help you fix the problem. This can involve replacing or restoring the memory, re-programing the key, or replacing any damaged parts on your vehicle with new ones from the dealership.

Not all locksmith can reprogram and repair keyless entry systems, but if you are anywhere near Altona, and your keyless entry fails you, there is always help available at Altona Locksmiths.

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