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What is Electronic Key Management System?July 24, 2017

Large businesses with many assets and employees depend on the use of locking systems that require physical keys, and it can be a logistical challenge to maintain all keys and their uses, especially without a master key system. With an ascending hierarchy of keys that unlock specific locks of varying levels of security, a master key system allows for efficient distribution, regulating, and accountability of keys, which results in the increase of security.

In fact, designing a master key system to fit the specific needs of companies was the most efficient means to regulate the distribution and use of keys, that is, until the electronic key management system was created.

The Electronic Key Management System

What is the Electronic Key Management System (EKMS)? It is the most efficient system for managing keys, it’s simple and yet it keeps all your keys safe and secure when not in use, by preventing unauthorised access to all keys. In fact, the EKMS guards your keys against theft, and eliminates key misplacement because attached to each key is a smart key that is uniquely identified using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID).

Using RFID, keys are automatically identified, tracked, and their use can be monitored with LCD displays, which allows visual confirmation of every keys activity. Without an RFID card or PIN code, access to keys of an EKMS system is not impossible. After every use, a key transaction is recorded using a time stamp, and then the information is logged for reference and accountability.

Application Usage for the Electronic Key Management System

An electronic key management system is ideal for use in banks, corporate offices, government buildings, shopping malls, parking areas, and all sizes of business, in all types of industries. There are many benefits EKMS offers, her are a couple major benefits listed below:

Accountability: Because keys and locks are designed to keep things safe and secure, accountability is a major concern when it comes to accessing physical locations, and using equipment and vehicles. In this way, EKMS provides a complete reporting and audit trail of each key and the user’s activity.

Increased Security: Only authorised users have access to the electronic key management system, and customizable groups and levels of access can be created to allow for even tighter control of high-level security keys. When unauthorised access is attempted, the EKMS permanently logs the entry and will then send out an email notification.

Once set up, an electronic key management system is easy to use and operate, and, it makes businesses more productive because it eliminates the need to replace lost keys.

To learn more about the electronic key management system, and how it can benefit your business, you are invited to contact Altona Locksmith for a free no-obligation consultation.

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