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The Technology Behind Transponder Keys: How Do They Really Work?May 18, 2017

A transponder key differs from a traditional key in the fact that it transmits a special radio signal to a remote receiver. The most common use of this type of key today is in vehicles. You can unlock, lock and start the vehicle by the receiver near the steering wheel acknowledging the presence of the key. Each key is programmed to one certain vehicle for the purpose of reducing the vehicle thefts.

How Transponder Keys Operate

These keys have been around since 1996 and inside their plastic handles there are glass and carbon microchips. The microchips electronically transmit a signal to the receiver in the vehicle. Typically, this receiver is near the steering column. Each key is programmed for one specific vehicle and contains its own unique serial number. To start the vehicle, the vehicle must be able to acknowledge the presence of the transponder key, otherwise, it will not start, and the same is true for the locking and unlocking functions of the vehicle.

Bypassing Is Possible

There are ways to bypass the need for these transponder keys with special kits that are available on the market today, but you need to be certain that this does not affect your vehicle warranty before proceeding with this idea. A better alternative is to keep extra transponder keys on hand in case you misplace one. The vehicle dealership or a locksmith can make duplicates for you. At times, a special pin code is necessary to order additional transponder keys and this is available from the dealership or locksmith.

Do Transponder Keys Reduce Car Thefts?

While transponder keys make it more difficult for thieves to enter the vehicle, many have bypassed the system or simply towed the vehicle from its location. Nothing makes vehicles completely theft-proof, but the technology of this type of key lowers the rate of vehicle theft in an effective manner.

Other Items That Utilise Transponder-Key Technology

Vehicles are not the only items that utilise this transponder-key technology today. You also can find it in home and business alarm systems, in remotes for the automatic gates and garage doors, and other lockable elements.

For addition details about the technology behind transponder keys and how they operate, consult with Altona Locksmiths. We provide quality cutting and programming of this type of keys along with other automotive locksmith services that range from rekeying of barrels to ignition work. On top of all this, we come to you when you are unable to come to us.

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