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The Pros and Cons of Electronic Locks for Home UseSeptember 11, 2017

Protecting what you own is as important as owning it to begin with. Home security is no joke and as such people are always looking for the next big way to protect their assets. From wired security systems to enforced doors and everything in between, security should be a priority. Today we are going to discuss electronic locks and the advantages as well as disadvantages that they offer home owners.

Advantages of an Electronic Lock

Electronic locks bring to mind science fiction movies, super villain lairs, and the concept of digital minimalism. Electronic locks have a host of benefits for the regular homeowner and they range from convenience to actual improved security. Let's break down the perks of electronic locks step by step.

1) Convenience

Imagine never having to worry about losing your home key ever again. It would be nice to strip down your keychain, wouldn't it? With just a memorised access code you will be able to get in and out of your home with the press of a button. Electronic locks are also easier to use when your hands are full. There won't be anymore shuffling bags around as you try to get the right key up to the lock.

2) Community Key

Rather than having an individual key for each member of the home you can merely share out the access code. This way your children, significant other and parents can all get in within the blink of an eye. No more waiting around for someone to drop off a key. No more getting locked out of the house.

3) Customisation

With a custom access code you can protect your home in any number of different ways. If you feel like you need a new code every month or every year, you can do that too. Change the access code whenever you want, it is your security system.

Disadvantages of an Electronic Lock

Though there are obviously a host of great reasons to use electronic locks, there are also some downsides. These downsides aren't any better or worse than conventional key-based locks, they are just different.

1) Stolen Access Code

There is certainly a comfort in having a physical key in your pocket. You know it is there. You know where it is at. You know when you lose it. With an electronic key you don't really know if someone has stolen your access code by standing over your shoulder or watching from afar.

2) Access Code Rotations

What happens if you wear the same shoes every day? They begin to wear out. What happens if you press the same access code buttons every day? They begin to show wear and tear. In order to use an electronic lock you need to get in the habit of changing your passcode to prevent this significant wear and tear.

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