Steering Wheel Lock Removal: What To Do If You Lost Your Key and How Lockmiths Can Help

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Steering Wheel Lock Removal: What To Do If You Lost Your Key and How Lockmiths Can HelpSeptember 30, 2015

Keeping your car safe from potential car thieves is of paramount importance, but sometimes, in the hectic run of things, we tend to lock ourselves away from the use of our own vehicles. This can be problematic for a lot of people, especially if you’ve somehow lost your keys and cannot unlock your steering wheel.

Thankfully, there are steering wheel lock removal services that can be undertaken to help solve this dilemma.

What is Steering Wheel Lock Removal and How Can It Help Me?

If you’ve found yourself unable to drive your own car, having accidentally forgotten your steering wheel lock key, an expert locksmith can readily help you solve your this problem. Steering wheel locks are specially designed to be almost tamper-proof. Having a go at breaking your steering wheel lock by yourself is definitely not a good idea. Why? Simply, because you risk the possibility of damaging your vehicle’s steering wheel, if you don’t have the specialised tools of the trade and the understandings of the inner workings of a modern steering wheel.

Opting for professional steering lock removal guarantees that you liberate your vehicle from a problematic dilemma without risking any potential damage. There are innumerable ways to perform steering lock removal; such as remaking and reordering keys, without risking any potential damage to your ignition, steering wheel shaft or the locking mechanism by trying to unlock it yourself. But, ordering extra keys could take… awhile.

However, more advanced methods of locksmithing have been developed that no longer require crafty methods or brute force.

The Future of Locksmithing is Here – Transponder Keys

Enter the secret trick called ‘transponder keys’ – a nifty little accessory in the form of a microchip which most cars from mid to late 1990’s, and all models after that possess. Transponder keys quite literally allow for a fail-safe in the event that you accidentally lock your steering wheel, since it ‘resets’ the on-board computer responsible for the lock, allowing access without the use of forceful methods.

Through these means, Altona Locksmith services provides unparalleled steering wheel lock removal and allows one to open nearly all types of vehicles dated from 1996 and onward. Some cars require special pin codes to reset their steering wheel locks, and Altona Locksmith is able to obtain exactly that from your vehicle’s dealer. If you’re looking to find a thoroughly efficient and hassle-free way to solve a locked steering wheel, contact Altona Locksmiths.

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