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Mortice Locks: What Are They?September 26, 2017

Today, there are multiple choices for door locks from which to make your selection. Mortice locks are one popular design that has withstood the test of time since this design has been used for years. What makes these different from cylindrical or other locks is the fact that they require a pocket in the door for installation. Also, mortice locks can be either deadlocks or sash locks. The latter incorporates a latch and handle in with the locking mechanism.

Parts of the Mortice Locks

On the section of these locks that install inside the door, you will find the cylinder port, a turn piece hub, thumb latch hub and a knob or lever hub. The outer elements can include the latch bolt, stop and deadbolt. If they are sash lock models, they will also include a handle with latch mechanism. Other parts may also be on these types of locks depending upon their style and brand.

Installation of Mortice Locks

Even though a skilled DIYer can install a mortice lock with the right tools, many property owners opt for a professional approach since a pocket needs to be cut to exact measurements in order for this style of lock to fit in the door in an appropriate manner. Without a correct installation, mortice locks will not provide the type of high security that your property warrants.

Uses for Mortice Locks

Commercial and manufacturing entities choose mortice locks over cylindrical or other styles of locks since they provide durable and reliable security for their buildings. In addition, the parts of these locks are easy to service and replace when necessary. Homeowners also often choose these locks since they hold up well over time. The locks have been found in old homes in fully functional states even when the houses are falling down.

Maintenance Keeps Mortice Locks Working at Optimal Levels

Clean and lubricate these locks periodically to keep them rust-free and working properly. Lubrication keeps the moving parts from operating in a rough, jerky manner that may damage them. Removing any rust with the appropriate solutions will prevent the rust from damaging the metal materials that make up the lock. Caring for the locks in the correct way will bring you years of security.

For additional details about mortice locks, consult with Altona Locksmiths. We specialise in a wide assortment of locks and other related services for commercial, domestic and automotive purposes. Also, we can customise a restricted key system for you to meet your unique requirements. You even can request a quote right from our website.

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