How Is Rekeying Of Barrels Done?

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How Is Rekeying Of Barrels Done?November 18, 2015

Having a stranger sneak into your home in the dead of night, or in the wee hours of morning can be a very frightening thought. If you assume that you’re safe and sound, because your home is kept safe and secure from the possibility of any intruder, you’d only be half right.

Have you ever lost your keys? Did you ever have to resort to a spare key, because you couldn’t find the one you had before? Do you have a fellow tenant, a flat-mate, or a significant other that has copies of your home keys? If any of these incidents and situations rings true, then you cannot say with the utmost impunity that you are 100% safe from the possibility of home intrusion.

Rekeying of Barrels an Unfortunate Necessity

You never know how many duplicate keys can be made from just one lost key, nor can you be perfectly sure that the keys you have are 100% unique, especially if your home security system is somewhat dated. One of the best ways to prevent the threat of possible theft and unwanted entry is not the regular changing or specialised modification of your locks, which tend to be extremely costly. There is another way.

Instead, you can opt for the more affordable and less invasive means of ensuring your safety, simply by the rekeying of barrels.

What is Rekeying Lock Barrels?

Rekeying lock barrels is the practice of changing the tumbler pins found in locks into a specified combination system that is known only to the individual who rekeyed the locks, and which is only accessible through a specialised one-of-a-kind master key that cannot be found anywhere in the general market.

Unlike most standard locks, which have keys that can sometimes be bought in hardware stores used in the event of emergencies and that are patterned specifically to open a brand of lock, keys for rekeyed locks are unique and especially designed to be almost impervious to lock-picking. This ensures that your lock will only allow access to a special key that comes with the rekeying, which cannot be obtained anywhere else, unless you make duplicates.

What’s more, specialised rekeying kits are readily available in high-end hardware stores, in many cases this allow an individual the rekeying of barrels even without the need of professional assistance. Rekeying involves the manual replacement of the tumbler pins that are detected by keys. Still, rekeying is a complex procedure which can curtail hours of painstaking work. However, some quality locks need a professional locksmith to properly rekey home locks to make then near impregnable to most types of door-based forced entry.

If you’re looking for a highly dependable, reliable and professional company that can rekey your home for you, you can start with Altona Locksmiths.

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