Automotive Locks: Knowing When to Repair or Replace

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Automotive Locks: Knowing When to Repair or ReplaceSeptember 2, 2015

Knowing whether to repair or replace your automobile locks can save you valuable time and also decrease your overall costs. Although it may be tempted to have your automobile locks repaired in order to reduce expenses, sometimes it is far more cost effective to have the automobile locks replaced.

There are a few factors to take into consideration before deciding on whether to repair or replace the locks of your vehicle. Here are a few tips on when you definitely need your automobile locks replaced:

Lost or Stolen Keys

If your keys are lost or have been stolen, get your automobile locks replaced as soon as possible. If the keys to your vehicle are lost, someone with adverse intentions may have found them. In addition, your keys may not have been lost and could have been stolen.

Even if your keys are returned, someone could have made copies of them. It is always best to be on the safe side and have your automobile locks replaced instead of taking a chance.

Additionally, if your keys are stolen then there is a high potential of your automobile being vandalized or stolen. To have your automobile locks replaced is far less expensive than replacing your vehicle entirely.

Wear and Tear

Worn, malfunctioning or rusted locks are a huge weakness in vehicle security. Old or worn out locks are much easier to pick and break. In addition, a worn or faulty lock makes it hard to open and usually worsens and as time goes on.

If any vehicle door lock has extreme rust, tarnish or other noticeable signs of wear, it is best to replace the locks of your automobile. Although having your automotive locks repaired when they are worn may be tempting, it is far more economical and less frustrating to replace them. For instance, an inconvenient breakdown or malfunction may leave you locked out in the heat of summer or cold of winter.


If your vehicle has been vandalized or broken into, you need to have your automobile locks replaced immediately. When a vehicle is vandalized, the force of the break-in could have compromised the reliability of the mechanics of the lock. You are at a much higher risk of another break-in if the locks are damaged. After a robbery or break-in, it is safest to presuppose that your keys are in the wrong hands.

Missing Keys

Aside from possible theft, missing keys can present a big problem. Nowadays many vehicles have computer chips integrated into the keys. The chips are designed to prevent your car from being stolen. However, you will not be able enter or drive the automobile if you lose your keys. The only solution is special order the keys which is very time consuming or have your automobile locks replaced.

Vehicle Ignition Lock

When a car lock is damaged, it can be difficult to rotate the key inside the lock. This is usually because the key’s teeth are losing their shape or the pins and wafers are worn. This can also happen to your vehicle ignition lock. For the most part, the lock cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

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