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Home Security Tips for Senior CitizensJanuary 15, 2019

Securing your home from exterior threats is of the utmost importance when you are a property owner. The very idea of some intruder breaking into your property for the purpose of criminal activity is hard to swallow on its face. While home intrusions and burglaries are relatively rare, all things considered, they still must be planned against. Security is especially important when you are discussing the homes of senior citizens. Senior citizens need to stay diligent in regards to their security measures for a variety of different reasons. Today, we are going to highlight a few home security tips for senior homeowners.

Security Measures for Senior Citizens

Home security is incredibly important for people of all ages. SO why must senior citizens pay special attention to their home security needs? Well, the truth is that we have to acknowledge the limitations that come with advancements in age. As we grow older, some tasks become more difficult and criminals are keen to take advantage of that reality. Still, following the right security measures can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Here are a few simple ways to improve home security for seniors.

1) Inspect Old Locks - One of the best things that you can do for your home security is to check the quality of the locks already installed on your property. If you live in an older home, this is especially important. Many times, you'll have deadbolts and door locks that have not been cleaned, re-keyed or replaced since they were originally installed. One of the weakest points of entry for a criminal to exploit will be a door that is improperly secured with an old, rotting lock.

2) Consider Smart Locks - While a deadbolt lock is as good as any other lock, smart locking mechanisms can improve your safety. Smart locks are accessible by way of your phone or via a unique passcode that you yourself get to decide on. You can change your passcode whenever you want and you can limit access to anyone who you do not want to have in your home. Smart locks are an inexpensive way to boost your home security without expending much effort.

3) Rekey Your Property - Finally, you can consider actually re-keying the locks on your property. Unless you built the home yourself, there is no way of knowing just who has a key to your locks. By rekeying all of the locks on your property, you'll be able to verify that you are the only person with control over the locks.

Securing your home against criminal activity is a smart decision, no matter your age. Our suggestions for security enhancements are great for senior citizens or young homeowners alike.

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