Why Should The Programming of Body Control Module Be Accurate and Precise For Your Vehicle?

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Why Should The Programming of Body Control Module Be Accurate and Precise For Your Vehicle? July 16, 2015

dashboard The job of a body control module is to inject intelligence into the electronic nervous system of your vehicle. The familiar relays and fuses remain in place within the confines of the car, but an overlay of computer-generated system wizardry is impressed on top of this control structure, thus adding programmable functions to essential systems. This broad range of functions includes security measures, power window functions, and even the new driver assistance software currently being added to next-generation cars. Of particular interest to the security-conscious, the BCM module governs branching security architectural subsystems. This means that a locked vehicle can not only shut down electronically and mechanically during a theft attempt, but can also initiate expanded security features. These additional functions include locking the doors of the vehicle, thus trapping the thief inside, and sending an alert to relevant authorities.

The module is a cross-platform commander of vehicle functions, and a number of these duties are directly linked to security features. Prime among these, the BCM assigns authorization access to the electronic key you pull from your pocket. The ignition key incorporates a number of small chips. A special security code sits at the core of this circuitry and communicates with the BCM when the driver wishes to enter the car and start the engine. As you can clearly tell at this point, you need the right body control module to regulate all of the complex systems of your car, but more than this, it needs to be programmed to pair electronically with the encrypted communications signal being transmitted by the transponder within your key. Now, when the key is properly "coded" by a professional factory-approved technician or a knowledgeable master locksmith, all is well. The anti-theft system disengages, the BCM communicates with the engine control module and tells the ignition system that the owner of the vehicle is climbing into the driver's seat. Should the car door open without disengaging the theft deterrent circuit, then the engine shuts down electronically.

Modern vehicles up the ante on the security front by locking the doors of the car and sending an alert to the police if thievery is suspected. All of these actions only serve to reinforce just how important the precise programming of a body control module is in this day and age. More than a management system for modern vehicle conveniences, the BCM incorporates a system architecture that seeks an electronic "fingerprint," a transponder code that's viewed by the vehicle as a one of a kind authorization code. Please buy the correct BCM for your vehicle, but please also remember the unique relationship that exists between your key and the body control module, a relationship that's fashioned by security-centric coding know-how.

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