Why Is Rekeying Your New Home an Important Idea?

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Why Is Rekeying Your New Home an Important Idea?August 10, 2015

If you're buying a house that's been built from the ground up and you're the first owner of the property, you're passing into a blank slate situation. All of the fixtures are brand new and free of dents. Even the locks that secure the doors of the home are relatively untried. They haven't had time to settle into the door frame and endure the chafing effects of the keys that rotate the sticky new tumblers.

Unknown Keys and Locks Represent a Risk Factor

Take a look at this scenario from the viewpoint of a security-conscious buyer. Those locks are probably secure because only a handful of keys have been distributed. The real estate agent probably has a pair of keys. One is used to show the property to potential buyers and the second one is likely issued to maintenance workers and contractors. Again, the second key is straying from the estate agents office lock-up, but contractors are responsible folk, so the key probably won't be copied by unscrupulous individuals. That's three times we've used the word "probably." The truth of the matter is that there's no way to know how many keys are out there in the wild. And if the home is an older property, well, there's just no way to keep track of how many times the keys have been duplicated over the years. Weekend guests and past live-in lovers could have a copy of that front door key. Frankly, the security of the home could be severely compromised but there's no way to be sure.

Rekeying Offers Peace of Mind

Believe it or not, comfort isn't the first order of the day when moving into that new home. Security comes first, so always make perimeter protection a priority before turning your attention towards home decorating matters.

Rekeying is a simple and quick process. The original lock can be left affixed to the door frame, therefore protecting the look of the door and its associated lock plate. Instead, the locksmith employs a basic understanding of the tumbler mechanism and adjusts or replaces these pins to create an entirely new and unique locking pattern.

Weighing the Benefits of Rekeying

Once this fast and affordable process is complete, you have total control of your home's boundaries. You know with absolute certainty that you're the only person with the key to the newly configured locks. In effect, the work has created a hard reset of your home's security profile, leaving you to copy and distribute new keys at your discretion.

There's one final note to consider before engaging a rekeying specialist. Hire a reputable contractor to do this work, preferably the professional services of Altona Locksmiths, because a dubious contractor could short circuit the integrity of this security solution by conducting the same unlawful copying practices that were covered at the beginning of the article. Stay secure and rekey with a reliable and reputable locksmith.

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