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When Do You Need a New Master Key System Design?May 8, 2017

Often times, businesses are large enough to require a different key system than one that just permits the manager and owner to be the only ones with keys. When this is the scenario, the companies must turn to a master key design that provides a hierarchy of keys from a master key that opens all the locks to keys that only unlock certain parts of the building. This type of system is for the traditional cylinder locks and not the ones that require codes for unlocking. If your current key system is inadequate for your company's needs, it is time to invest in a new master key system design.

Reasons to Implement an Updated Master Key System for Your Business Location

1. When You First Open for Business

Install this type of key system when you first open your business if you know at the time that you will need its benefits. By doing so, you will prevent access issues from happening that can slow down your daily operations.

2. When Your Company Moves to a Different Location

Another time that you will need a new master key system design is when your business moves to a different location. After all, the locks with be keyed in the way suitable for the previous tenant or not to fit your needs.

3. An Increase in Staff

You will need to issue additional keys at times when you increase your staff. While this does not call for a completely new system, it will expand upon your existing one.

4. The Addition of an Extension to Your Building

New design for your master key system will be necessary when you add an extension on your existing building. You will need to include the keys for accessing all areas of this extension in your present key system or redesign the entire system if necessary.

5. Locks Need Replacing

As locks wear out and need replacing, you will need to alter or redesign your master key system. Typically, this will only call for re-keying the new locks to fit the master keys, but at times, further measures may be required to ensure that your key system is as functional as you need it to be for your company.

For additional details about when you need a new master key system design for your business, turn to Altona Locksmiths. We will create the ideal one for your requirements. All of our materials, workmanship and other services come with a guarantee of satisfaction.

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