Secure your Home and Businesses with Keyed System from Altona Locksmith

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Secure your Home and Businesses with Keyed System from Altona LocksmithApril 2, 2015

In today’s world, a business or homeowner cannot be too careful. In fact, it is imperative that you secure your home and business with a keyed system. A keyway system not only provides ultimate security but it offers protection from unauthorized key duplication. As well, a keyway system can be customized to suit your security needs.

In order to address your needs and provide protection for your business and family, you need state-of-the-art key control throughout your buildings. This includes a variety of locks such as maximum secure door locks, padlocks, cabinet locks and locks for drawers and cupboards. Additionally, you need a product and service that is guaranteed.

Securing Your Home and Business in the Victoria Area

The leading locksmith in the Victoria area is Altona Locksmith. In truth, they have been providing maximum security for homes and businesses for over 20 years. Their knowledge and expertise in the business has far outweighed the competition for many years. Altona Locksmith is a professional company that knows the importance of securing a building and addressing your individual needs.

Ultimate Services at Altona Locksmith

Altona Locksmith will ensure that your home and business is completely secure day and night. They find solutions not matter how big or small the job. What is more, they pride themselves with great customer care. Altona Locksmith will provide you with consultations for the ideal design, installation and to help maintain the master key system to fit your day to day security needs.

Moreover, Altona Locksmith has an array of security systems that is guaranteed to match your needs. In fact, their restricted keyway systems can be customized to suit your exact security requirements. For instance, you may need just two locks that use identical keys or a high-tech master keying system that requires a complex key control.

Some of the vast variety of keyway systems at Altona Locksmith includes restricted systems such as:

Keyed to Differ: Every individual lock requires its own unique key.

Keyed Alike: Numerous locks can be opened with the same key. In fact, you can have as many keyed alike locks as you need.

Maison Keyed System: Each door has its own key and cannot open other doors. However, the key will open communal doors. This system is common in apartment buildings.

Master Keyed System: Every lock has its own key and cannot open any other lock in the system. The master key system has one master key that will open all locks.

Grand Master Keyed System: Every lock has an individual key. However, the locks are divided into groups. There is a master key for each group and a grand master key for all groups.

Temporary Construction Keying: Ideal for construction sites. Locks are keyed for the workers. When the construction is finished, the temporary cylinders are removed and the final cylinders are installed.

A Variety of Customer Care

Altona Locksmith knows the significance of keeping your home and business secure. And in order to resolve solutions and meet your security needs, Altona Locksmith guarantees their products and services.

Not only do they have unmatched knowledge in the field but they provide a reliable and trustworthy service. What is more, Altona Locksmith’s professional expertise has competitive affordable prices that you can afford.

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