How to maximize your home security system

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How to maximize your home security systemJuly 3, 2014

I once had a friend who had a sign hanging on her front gate. It was a photo of a guard dog, and at the text said "I can make it to this date in less than 30 seconds; can you"? The thing is she didn't own a dog.

In many cases burglars watcher home before they strike. If you want to protect your house and belongings as well as the people who lived there then you need a strong security system. In these days you cannot afford to take any chances.

You can protect your home on a budget, and the amount of inexpensive methods at your disposal are very effective. In many cases it's common sense. For instant, if you get a beware of dog sign get a dog as well.

Statistics show that homes with increased home security are less likely to be burglarized. Knowledge is one of your main defense mechanisms against a burglar. For instance, did you know that most home robberies actually occur between 10 in the morning and three in the afternoon? That's right, in broad daylight!

Most robbers will look for a home that seems to be unoccupied at the time. They are looking for homes where everyone is working, and there is seemingly no one occupying the home at the time. So, when you're looking for that quite neighborhood, keep in mind that low-profile neighbors are very attractive to someone casing your home. If you leave a radio or TV on it may help to detour a would-be burglar. Also, park your second car in the driveway so that it appears that someone is there.

Another good idea is to hire service personnel during these times. Window cleaners and gardeners have saved many a home from being burglarized. Just their presence alone detours a burglar.

Post stickers and signs of your security systems existence. Let them know that your house is protected. Even if you have a small dog inside, post a beware of dog sign. If they hear dog barking they may not know how big it is, and it is a deterrent.

If you're still concerned about burglars and home safety you may opt for deadbolt and security bars on your doors and windows. There also rolling security doors for patio doors and the like.

If you cannot afford a sophisticated home security system, then order locks for all your doors. Just the idea of a security system is enough to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home.

Do not underestimate the importance of proper lighting. A motion light is a wonderful investment, and it's affordable. This can help reduce the possibilities of a home invasion or robbery won't you are home. In some instances it may even save a life.

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