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Common Deadbolt Lock ProblemsApril 26, 2017

When asked about the most secure way to protect a home, most people would agree that the proven deadbolt lock is what works best. These are commonly used to secure the main entrance of homes and all types of commercial properties. Also, depending on the brand, deadbolt locks are an effective way at preventing forced entry, and burglars are unable to manipulate them to open.

Although this type of lock is the work horse of a property’s security, there are times when deadbolts malfunction; however, most common deadbolt lock problems can be fixed with the help of a professional locksmith.

Common Deadbolt Lock Problems

Just because a deadbolt lock malfunctions it doesn’t mean that it needs to be replaced, especially if it is a top brand model because a professional locksmith can repair and rekey it, if needed. There are a few common problems that plague deadbolt locks; thankfully, most problems you may experience can be fixed.

Hard to turn – when a deadbolt will not turn easily, or it will not turn all the way to open the door, there are a few reasons for this. Depending on the location of the door, such as near busy streets or by the ocean, the inner parts of a deadbolt can become encrusted with dust, dirt, and even salt build up, making it difficult or impossible to open.

A locksmith can disassemble, clean, and then reassemble such a deadbolt and have it working as good as new. Unfortunately, many people have broken their key while trying to open a hard to turn deadbolt.

Broken key inside a deadbolt lock – it happens, sometimes even without trying to force a deadbolt lock open when it is hard to turn. When this happens, a locksmith can easily remove the broken key and make you a new one. Or, they can rekey the lock and make you a new key, which is better than having to buy a new lock.

Broken deadbolt locks – while most common deadbolt problems can be fixed by a professional locksmith, there are times when a deadbolt lock is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. A professional locksmith can still help you, there are quality lock brands that most people are unaware about, but locksmiths know which brands are top-quality and can recommend a deadbolt lock that will work best for your home.

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