Do you need a key for your cleaning company, temporary worker or an opening employee?

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Do you need a key for your cleaning company, temporary worker or an opening employee?March 13, 2015

Locksmiths do a lot more than open doors to the places you lock yourself out of! They offer security solutions. One great option is offering temporary employees a key. It is much like the temporary construction keying options available at Altona Locksmiths.

This is a company that you will love doing business with, and their reputation speaks for itself.

If you have a maintenance man, a cleaning company or any temporary employee this is a fantastic option so that your main locks are not compromised and they only have access to the areas that you leave open or accessible to them. This is an essential service when it comes to protecting your business and the privacy of your clients. This is a great security plan for your home or business, and it saves you a ton of money down the line.

No more replacing the locks when keys are lost, stolen or an employee leaves.

When the job is over then the key is rendered useless without a total lock exchange being necessary. A master pin is used within a metal cylinder and the cut is deeper than that of residential keys. The cylinder is interchangeable and can be turned into a permanent one after the need for temporary keying is an option. There is no worries about duplicates or “lost” keys either.

Altona Locksmith is a company that can be trusted with more than 20 years serving the area. They offer comprehensive auto, commercial and residential services. The professionals are highly qualified and licensed. No job is too large or too small, and they will work with all budgets to find solutions that will work for you. Nothing short of excellence will be delivered by these well redound professionals. When it comes to peace of mind and security Altona Locksmiths just makes sense.

Comprehensive locksmith services that just makes sense - that is Altona Locksmiths.

This is the best in their field of expertise in the region with a track record of impeccable service throughout Altona and the surrounding areas. This is a company you will want to add to speed dial, because no one plans for emergencies. Their response time is great, and they will never leave you hanging. They offer a long list of locksmith services including ignition replacement and a whole lot more, so call Altona Locksmiths today to see what all they can do for you.

Altona Locksmiths

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